We nurture the tradition and art of making the exemplary Kumbakonam Filter Coffee in our coffee shops.

FOFO MODEL (Franchise Owned Franchise Operated Model) - Investment

Kumbakonam Filter CoffeeTM KIOSK: 1 lakh + Variable Cost*

Note: This Franchise Model is also for Existing Coffee/Tea Shop


(i) COFFEE SHOP BASIC KIOSK EQUIPMENT + Franchise Fee – 1 lakh


(ii) Interior Cost & Other Equipment – Cost of Kiosk setup & Equipment – 0.5 lakh
(iii) Total Shop Advance: 1 lakhs (projected) (refundable) – landowner to provide basic setup
(iv) Working capital 0.5 lakh for purchase of coffee and snacks (Cash and Carry model).
Total Cost of Investment: i + ii+ iii + iv = 3 lakhs (This is the outer limit, depending upon area and location, total costs may start from 0.5 lakhs)
This cost is applicable for the region Tamil Nadu only. Rest of Other states within India – investments may vary. International franchisee investments may vary from country to country. The investment structure and fee may vary based on the time of allocation of franchise and other factors affecting forex rates.
ROI (Return of Investment) KUFICO Kiosk – Bare minimum calculation
Sample Returns: (these are indicative figures on coffee sales, not actual) Fixed Cost per month
Rent (10000)
Salary (25000),
EB Utilities Royalty & Marketing (10500)
Total Fixed Cost: 45,500
Total Revenue per month
Avg Product Price 20
Total no. of sales per day = 250
Gross Margin per day = 250 x 9 = 2250 (9 is actual margin – cost / coffee)
Gross Margin per month from coffee = 30 x 2250 = 67,500
Net margin – 22000
Return of Investment – 14 months
Sale of snacks and water will warrant faster ROI. Increased entrepreneurial efforts to bring in more customers will warrant faster ROI. Maintain high quality, hygiene and high customer satisfaction levels will warrant faster ROI. This is a sample calculation only, the results may vary from one franchise to another and from one location to another.

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