Everything you need to know about Filter Coffee

Filter coffee has been an indispensable morning tradition for millions of people, which fuels the beginning of the day.

Everything you need to know about Filter Coffee

Filter coffee has been an indispensable morning tradition for millions of people, which fuels the beginning of the day. However, many times people probably don’t even think that behind every sip of coffee, there’s an enormous process being carried out, before even the taste tantalizes your lips. Let us know quickly about a few facts about filter coffee.

Where do coffee beans come from?

There are two kinds of coffee beans in the world, namely Arabica and Robusta. Both of them have their origin in Ethiopia. However, at present, both of them are being grown in most parts of the world. The invasion of many kings made possible that it reached the entire globe which we enjoy today. Moving on, there are many flavours made with the blends of these two types. So to say, the flavours are different and interesting to know about.
The coffee beans are not like other fruits or seeds. They are completely different from any other seeds. It takes a minimum of three to four years for a coffee bean to grow in a plant. Then the maturation of the plant takes place which brings the fragrance in the flower and the plant. Furthermore, a coffee plant can survive twenty to thirty years if watered and pruned.
Numerous complex factors are behind the final product of filter coffee to bring the splendid taste of it. The coffee plants are grown in fertile soil and taken care of in mild temperatures, with showers of rain and shaded sun. That is why most of the places with a cool climate cultivate coffee easily. Experts say that a coffee industry can be started with a minimum of twenty-five to fifty coffee plants. Interesting to know right!

The 17th Century

We all know that the coffee was discovered by a goat herder named Kaldi from Ethiopia. However, the golden era of coffee all around Europe was the 17th century. Coffee shops or houses became so popular for social interactions and even the place of trading. A lot of research and widespread meetings were held to bring out the rich aroma and significant taste of coffee. Many people started coffee industries with whatever they had, and everyone was highly successful.

Roast and Blend

The most important part of the coffee beans is this: roasting and blending. The sweetest taste and aroma we experience in our day-to-day life are being made in these two processes. A roast is the process of heating up the coffee beans in the proper temperature with a small portion of oil, which makes the aroma and the taste of the coffee better than the raw one. A blend is a very nice process to produce a unique coffee flavor profile. That is, roasts from different regions are brought together to produce a unique flavour which makes the taste of the coffee authentic.
Throughout the antiquity of its presence, the gorgeous aroma and nuanced flavours of this magic beverage have been a significant drink, enjoyed by millions of people every single day. Though there are many coffee lovers around the world, many of them do not even know what is behind the mouthwatering taste of filter coffee. At last, the rich process behind every single taste of coffee is so mesmerizing to know. Let this richness make us taste coffee different from other beverages.
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